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Eyes on Seniors, Providing in home elder care visits for residents in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.


What are Senior Placement Services? 

Eyes on Seniors provides Senior Placement Assistance in Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities, home care agency referrals, and meal delivery referrals. 

 We advocate for families and clients as we narrow down the multitude of options while searching for an alternative to living at home alone, holding your hand through the entire process.

 Placement services are available FREE of CHARGE in the Greater Triangle region in NC and Nationwide!

Is Eyes on Seniors a Medical Service?


Eyes on Seniors does NOT provide medical services. This is a visual check-in service only. We do reserve the right to call EMS if there is a perceived Medical Emergency. 


Do we provide healthcare services?


No. However, we will report any behavioral changes witnessed during our visit, for Example: increased confusion, agitation, sudden lack of mobility, etc.

Do we bill insurance? 

No, Eyes on Seniors is not considered a medical service, therefore, insurance will not cover services


What if there is an emergency?

If there is a perceived emergency Eyes on Seniors will call EMS. Examples of a perceived emergency include a client's sudden lack of mobility, visual evidence of an injury, or obvious cognitive impairments. All charges incurred by contacting EMS will be the sole responsibility of the client or the individual receiving services.


How long do we stay with each client?


A 15 minute check-in is standard, but custom options are available. During our visit,  we enter the living spaces, make sure there is food, water, and no obvious hazards. We spend a few minutes with the client. Should the client communicate any additional requirements, we will message you those requests via email or text. 

How much are your services?

Senior Placement Services to find the perfect facility for your loved one are free.

The cost for a 15 Minute elder check is $45 per visit


Home Safety Evaluation: $200

Emergency Check-In Visits: Mon-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm *additional fee

Custom Package available. *Prices vary

There is no minimum time requirement for our services. We create a care program that is based on the client, not the clock.


Contact-free, open-air visit option.  Front porch or backyard visits provide another level of COVID safe visitation at no additional cost.   We will NOT enter a home unless Eyes on Seniors perceives an emergency situation where the client needs emergency treatment.  

No additional cost for CONTACT-FREE service

Senior travel companion support services.

Price will be determined based on travel,  mileage, travel days.  I will ensure your loved one has all of the appropriate necessities—including prescription medicines—packed up and ready to go. Additionally, before they depart from the home, I'll make sure the house is secure for when they return (lights off, doors locked), so that there are no surprises waiting upon their arrival back from wherever it was they went! Whether it's an outing for some relaxation or an extended trip across the country to live closer to family and friends, my job is a mix of logistics coordinator and caretaker; giving you peace of mind knowing that while you're busy working or caring for other responsibilities at home, someone else takes care of theirs.

Will I receive updates about my loved ones?

All services include a text or email to clients after a visit to alert them to any changes or needs of the individual receiving services. We may make recommendations based on my 36 years as a Physical Therapy Assistant. For example, if they seem unsteady, I may recommend they have a walker or that you get a referral for Home Health for PT or OT.


Will require a local contact to call in case of emergency. 

How does billing work?

Fees are non-refundable unless Eyes on Seniors is forced to cancel services. We understand that outside circumstance may require rescheduling and Eyes on Seniors will make every effort to reschedule for the same week, If an individual is hospitalized, a refund will be made to the client.  The Client will have to option of a refund to non-rendered services or a credit for future service

 Eyes on Seniors does expect a reciprocal conversation with clients via text or email to update them on the status of individuals receiving services.

Do you provide emergency Check-in visits?

We provide Emergency visits options M-Thurs 8 am to 6 pm for an additional fee.

Will I still be charged if no one answers the door?

We will call the client and then the one who hired us, we will call the local phone number of a neighbor, etc. that we have on file.  The client will still be charged for the visit and notified of the absence. 


Please inform Eyes on Seniors if the client will not be home so that we can reschedule.  

Add on services:

$1.50 per mile for home visits outside of the 20-mile radius around Eyes on Senior office location. 

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